Dr. Walden Offers World Class Care For Her Austin Patients

Austin, Texas is a thriving metropolis with much to offer both residents and visitors alike. Here, in this fine city, many professionals of all backgrounds and professions have found space that is right for them and all of their clients and customers. For a world class surgeon like Dr. Jennifer Walden, starting a practice in this city has been the perfect solution for her desire to be part of the medical community and her desire to help raise her twin boys in a community that she has always loved. She knows that growing up can be an ideal way for any child to have the perfect grounding that will allow them to become truly confident and happy adults in every way possible.

Her Own Girlhood

Austin is where Dr. Walden grew up herself. Austin is also where she had the freedom to have a girlhood that was all about being part of a loving family in a safe and pleasant urban life where the countryside was just a short drive away. She was raised in a comfortable home where both parents were medical professionals. From her father, a dentist, she learned, as she tells Austin MD Magazine, that she could be someone in the medical field. The same was very much true of her mom, a devoted surgical nurse who loves her profession and helped her daughter learn to do the same.

Her Own Medical Background

As a child, she did very well academically. She realized that she could be in a world that she could make her own. This led to her determination to do even better academically in life and become someone capable of creating a career for herself based on treating patients. Her work quickly became about majoring in biology and then putting her entire efforts into the field of medicine, a field where she knew she could well and could really make a difference in life. As a student, she earned the second place in her class. After finishing her degree, she completed her training and decide that it was time to open her own practice.


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The DeVos Family And Their Generous Act Of Giving

Richard DeVos along with his best friend Jay Van Andel started the hugely successful direct selling company Amway in Richard’s basement in 1959. In 2014 alone, Amway made almost $11 billion dollars and in 2015, it was reported that Richard DeVos was worth over $5 ½ billion dollars. The DeVos family believes in giving, that is what they do and they do so generously and it says a lot about who they are and what they are about. Up to 2014, the family had donated almost $95 million dollars to charity, and their donations are now currently over $1 billion dollars proving that their beliefs in contributing to their community and helping the underprivileged is a priority to each one of them. Their family are big believers in political issues that fall into the conservative spectrum as well as all types of conservative issues and politics.

In 2013, their donations came close to $94 million, with almost half of their donations going to education, another large percentage-over one fourth-given to various services benefiting both health and community affairs. The family are big believers in putting money into think tanks are their favorites to donate are The Heritage Foundation, Midland-based Mackinac Center, Grand Rapids-based Acton Institute, and the American Enterprise Institute. They keep the majority of the donations in the Michigan area, mostly in the Grand Rapids area where the elders DeVos’ live. The family is very quiet about where they donate their money, they do not feel the need to get credit for what they do and do not wish to stir up any controversy.

The DeVos family has set up five of their own charities, each one is named after them and are close to their heart, the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation, the (Cheri DeVos) CDV5 Foundation, and the Douglas and Maria DeVos Foundation and Rich and his wife Helen started the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation. Three strategies appeared that seemed to be consistent throughout all five charities, they are:

1) To leverage more donations by encouragement and to organize their donations within the five charities/foundations.
2) To offer important advice and strategy to the receivers of their donations.
3) To give leadership by sitting on the Board of Directors and networking connections through their associates and associates.

Each of the five family foundations donates to certain charities and causes so that giving is organized to make sure they cover the causes that mean most to them. Doug and his wife Maria’s foundation has given more than $2 ½ million dollars to the public schools in Grand Rapids funding things like evaluating and training their teachers, developing of the school’s management, and helped cut truancy down by one third and raise the number of minority children by ten percent. That funding paid for leadership development, teacher evaluation and teacher training, and is credited with helping cut chronic absenteeism by 30 percent and lifted minority graduation rates by 10 percent.

Stephen Murray Helped My Company Improve

I know that I came in on the tail end of what Stephen Murray was doing at CCMP Capital because he would take his leave of absence soon after I talked to him, but he still made a big difference for my company.

He really made it so that I could invest all the capital from my business in a place that worked best for me. He was creating a brand new fund that he thought would be great for me, and the meeting that I took with him was very helpful.

He got me started on thinking about investing with the fund right before he took ill, and I was lucky to speak to one of his proteges right after he passed away. I was saddened by the loss, and I paid my respects because I already knew that this nice man had completely changed the way my company was going to work.

That was something that gave us a new life because it was producing all this extra cash for us, and I knew that the best thing I could do for myself and my company was to make sure that I had spent some time looking into what Stephen Murray could offer.

I was very happy to start working with his team once he passed away, and we got very involved in the new fund once it was started. That was a good choice for us, and we can credit Stephen Murray CCMP Capital with the fact that our company is a lot stronger than it once was.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://www.wsj.com/articles/ccmp-capital-advisors-gets-backing-to-resume-investing-from-fund-1430946145

I am pleased with the way that my company is going, and I know that anyone who met Stephen Murray had a similar experience. CCMP Capital has really changed our business for the better with help from their team and the late, great Stephen Murray.

Marc Sparks Fires Up Spark Tank

Marc Sparks is a highly successful and motivated entrepreneur, venture capitalist and businessman. With no formal training, the 1975 high school graduate went on to create and sell hundreds of millions of dollars worth of products he created himself.

He also excelled at organizing successful companies. When asked why he has managed to be so successful, he credits his faith, passion for what he does, tenacity and focus.2

He is not afraid to step outside his comfort zone or his area of expertise and take an idea and run with it. He has an amazing sense of urgency which is called “Spark Speed.” Utilizing his spark speed ability, Mr. Sparks manages to cut right to the chase and leave peripheral information in the dust. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

Mr. Sparks is man with a mission and he integrates that mission with a passion for philanthropy. He feels it is essential to give back to community and neighborhoods and return some of the goodness he received over his life.

Sparks considers himself a very fortunate man to have encountered the incredible success his effort has brought him. In that respect, he makes it his mission to offer a hand up and not just a hand out.

Marc Sparks is interested in helping people and supports a homeless shelter in Texas. He helped take the “Samaritan Inn” from a small building to an entity that offers housing and meals to more than 200 people per day.

The Inn offers a variety of programs including family and health services, job placement, counseling, financial education, as well as housing. He takes great pride in those families and individuals that complete the program and go on to be strong supports of the community and return and tell their stories of success.

“Spark Tank” was the brain child of Sparks wife and born out of their philanthropic mission. Spark Tank encourages social service entrepreneurs to develop and bring forth ideas to help improve the lives and means of others.

The goal is to find and cultivate ideas that create social success and a positive impact on the lives of others. Ideas are presented to a Spark Tank panel and successful applicants receive funding to help move their concepts from ideas to reality. Learn more about Marc Sparks: https://about.me/marc_sparks and https://disqus.com/by/marcsparks/

Many ideas have successfully made the cut at Spark Tank including the construction of a kennel built at the Samaritan Inn for housing family pets that otherwise would have been left behind when families and individuals took advantage of the programs the Inn offers.

Another Spark Tank success story was to create a children’s camp so they do not have to spend time in daycare. The camps offer educational programs that are fun and interesting, as well as provide care, comfort and security.

Igor Cornelsen Discussed Bradesco Acquisition of HSBC Branch

Brazil’s Bradesco Bank has been approved to purchase the HSBC branch in the country for USD$5.2 billion. This is a strong sign of the Brazilian financial sector’s growth amongst global banks. What does Igor Cornelsen think about Bradesco’s acquisition of HSBC’s Brazilian branch?

“Why Is Bradesco’s Acquisition Significant?”

The Brazil anti-trust watchdog group, Cade, voted unanimously to support Bradesco’s acquisition of HSBC’s local Brazilian unit. Bradesco agreed to “refrain from making any rival acquisitions for at least 30 months.” Banco Bradesco has already received government permission.

One of the key advantages of the Brazilian banking sector is its diversity. In some Brazil rankings, Bradesco was #3 and HSBC Brazil was #6. The acquisition of HSBC Brazil will dramatically boost the number of local branches for the new Bradesco firm, as well as add 5 million more clients and increase assets by 16%, according to Reuters.

While Chinese, American and Spanish banks have made dramatic inroads into Brazil, the Brazilian banks have not been as active in acquisitions of foreign branches. Thus, this acquisition might be seen as a crucial turning point.

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“Bradesco Acquisition Increases Global Rank”

Banco Bradesco was ranked by Forbes as #18 amongst global banks in 2015. Banco Bradesco (ranked solely by assets) was listed at #68 amongst global banks in 2013. As a sponsor of the 2016 Olympics, Bradesco will also receive a major boost during August coverage for the games.

CNBC interview of Igor Cornelsen helped potential investors better understand the Brazilian banking sector. He can provide valuable insights on how the latest news stories impact the banks’ valuations. Get the information you need to make the best choice for your wealth portfolio.

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A Navy Veteran Is Rewarded By The Owner Of Goettl Air Conditioning, Ken Goodrich


Ken Goodrich, the owner of Goettl Air Conditioning, has rewarded Nick Hughes, a former Navy officer, with $1000 worth of tools to help him start a new career. The move has been hailed as innovate as it deviates from the traditional sponsorship that is provided to students. The award is called the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award and is sponsored by Goodrich.
Hughes left the Navy three years ago and had been trying to fit into the civilian life with little success. His situation was complicated by the lack of enough money to pay his fees and acquire the tools needed for success in his new career. Currently, Hughes is a student at the College of Southern Nevada, where he is pursuing a two-year course air conditioning technology. He has less than a month to graduate. Hughes is the second recipient of the award.
As a beneficiary of the Veterans award, Hughes is expected to choose tools of his choice valued at a total of $1000. This is contrary to traditional scholarships, which only finance a student’s fees. Moreover, for a student to win the award, he or she must be a post 9/11 veteran with an interest in the air conditioning industry.
During the award ceremony, Goodrich defended his preference for military veterans. He posited that his career had taught him that ex-military officers make good employees. Goodrich is using the scholarship to attract many of them to his company, Goettl. Dennis Soukup, the chair of the college’s applied science department, has hailed the award as beneficial. According to him, the award will encourage students to work hard. One student will also get to have enough tools to back his career when he graduates.
Hughes is a Northern California native who has served as a cook in the Navy for seven years. He is so happy to receive the award, as it will help him buy some of the many tools needed in the industry. He also noted that the tools required in the industry are expensive and many graduates cannot afford them.

Goettl Air Conditioning was started in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl before it was moved to the Las Vegas Valley in 1968. In 2013, Ken Goodrich bought the company. Ken’s love for Goettl products started when he was a boy. The company is renowned for installing and servicing heating and air conditioning systems.


Brian Bonar, PR Newswire

Brian Bonar is well known as a highly accomplished businessman. With over 30 years of experience working in the world of finance, Bonar has seen his career soar to great heights. He has served as a C-level executive for several corporations since he entered the business world.

In 2010, as CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar was named Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance.

This is a highly selective honor, with only four individuals in the finance field winning each year: two men and two women. It is clear from this type of recognition that Bonar truly brings something unique to the table.  Learn more about Brian Bonar: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/brian-bonar-receives-professional-networking-communitys-highest-honor-98913914.html and http://www.dalrada.com/board_directors.shtml

Brian Bonar leads an interesting and eventful life. Holding the title Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, he hails from the UK originally. A graduate of Strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland, he also holds an MBA and PhD from Stafford University, in England. Read more: TREP Brian Bonar Insider Trades for Trucept Inc.

With his education, background, and go-getting personality, it was inevitable that Bonar would be a success. Since 2010, Bonar has served as Chairman and CEO of Trucept, Inc. Since 1994, his career has been one long list of superlatives. He is well known as a mover and shaker in the world of finance.

Brian Bonar has not limited himself to the world of high finance. In the past, he has branched out into the world of entertainment. Involved in the agency Warning Models in Beverly Hills, Bonar took Southern California by storm.

With his personality, business experience, and ample charm, it was inevitable that the venture would be a success.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, Bonar loves to give back to the community. One charity that is close to his heart is the Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego. Read more: Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts

Like all truly intelligent people, Bonar knows that it is important to give back to the people around him. Without them, his business ventures would not be so successful.

How to Deal With Negative Reviews

In the article “5 Ways to Take the High Road When Haters Attack Your Reputation” author Kizmani Constable lays out a number of ways to defend yourself when you or your business is being verbally attacked. The solutions range from assuring your customers that your business is not in any way at risk, to getting help from friends and family. In essence, Constable is telling the reader not to lower themselves to the naysayers level, instead he asks that they take the high road.


The first piece of advice Constable gives is not get into get into a yelling match with your attackers. He says that this actually works against you, and may actually validate your attackers claims.


Secondly, he says to reassure your customers that everything will continue on as normal. In doing so you’ve shown your customers that your business is stable enough not to let negative comments wear it down.


Third, Constable says that you should counteract what is being said by offering extra value. This could mean putting out more products or offering a greater variety of services. In doing so, you show the customer that you are putting them first, despite what people are saying about your business.


The fourth piece of advice is reach out for support. Your friends and family give you a place to talk and vent your frustrations. In doing so, you stop any sort of anger building up.


Finally, Constable says to focus on why you started your business in the first place. Dealing with mudslingers may have caused you to lose the passion for what you’re doing, but reflecting on why you started your business in the first place can give you some much needed motivation.


If you’re having trouble dealing with cleaning up search results, try using the website SearchCleanup.com. It’s team of hardworking specialists weed out any sort of negative reviews that are harming your business. Whenever someone is posting negative reviews of your business online, remember Kizmani’s advice and about sites such as SearchCleanup.com.

The Struggle of Hedge Fund Professional Kyle Bass

Kyle Bass is a prominent hedge fund manager who hails from the United States. He was born in Miami, Florida in September of 1969 and currently lives in Dallas, Texas. Bass serves as the principal of Hayman Capital Mountain. He also is the financial planning firm’s founder. He established the company back in 2006.

Bass recently filmed an interview with the television program “Wall Street Week” on the FOX Business Network. The program wanted to speak with him regarding topics such as the upcoming presidential election and the economy in general. Bass noted that the believes that there’s a strong chance of a short recession coming up in the following year. Bass also commented that he believes that Hillary Clinton is the most suitable presidential candidate as far as the interests of the markets go. Bass discussed a wide range of topics during the interview. He talked about the current growth of the Chinese market, saying that there could be trouble for it soon. He talked about his thoughts on Donald Trump’s beliefs regarding a potential recession. He talked about poor American interest rates as well.

Bass has experienced significant career difficulties of late. He became the hit of the financial world a decade ago when he accurately guessed the subprime mortgage disaster of 2008. Things have changed in a big way since that time period, however. Bass has been associated with a string of poor decisions since then. He’s also been associated with people who aren’t exactly good for his reputation. Bass, for example, is a major fan of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who used to be the president of the South American nation of Argentina. Although Bass appreciates her immensely, the rest of the world seems to believe she was awful for her nation’s economy. Many people question the reasoning behind Bass’ rapport with Kirchner.

Bass also has business connections with Chris Kyle (also known as the American Sniper), who passed away in February of 2013. Kyle’s wife Taya is in the midst of a complex lawsuit that involves someone who works under Bass at his company. She has claimed that the Hayman employee has behaved in a rather unscrupulous manner toward her.

People who pay close attention to Bass’ activities are puzzled by things that have gone on in his career over the past several years. There’s no denying that he’s alienated many people in recent times.

Brian Bonar: An Example of an Entrepreneur that Achieves a lot

The types of people who make a major difference in the business industry are entrepreneurs. They are the ones who branch out into new territory while thinking outside the box. They are also the ones that create jobs for others.

One example of an entrepreneur is Brian Bonar, who has received the highest honor from the Professional Networking Community. He was one of the two men and two women of each discipline that have received the honor of executive of the year. He has over 30 years of experience in his industry and has proven to be not only a success but an example of an entrepreneur that pursues his goals.

Brian Bonar has served for more than 10 years as CEO of Dalrada Fincancial Corporation. Mr. Bonar also serves as CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services. Read more: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

With Dalrada Financial, he deals with PEO businesses. He is involved with the benefits for employees and employers and also handles products of the aftermarket.

Dalrada is responsible for a diversity of different programs with the purpose of making a business more efficient. One Brian Bonar is good about is coming up with solutions that improve the efficiency of a business.

Entrepreneurs like Brian Bonar often have the best work ethics. For one thing, one has to be able to manage himself in order to truly succeed in any field that he pursues. Being an entrepreneur is a lot different from holding a regular job. For one thing, the amount of money one could earn is limitless.

The other side of being an entrepreneur is that there could be days where one earns pennies. Brian Bonar has shown a lot of creativity and focus when it comes to succeeding on his own terms.

He has not only brought the businesses he served to greater levels of success, but he has also laid down a blueprint for other entrepreneurs to follow.

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